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I am a single mum in my mid 50\'s with an almost 23 year old son, living in the North of England. From the age of 4 (according to my mother, I was one of those kids who hid behind the sofa! lol) I watched Classic Who religiously until it was cancelled. I didn\'t believe they would revive it and, if they did, thought they would make a Godawful mess of it. Thank God they, meaning RTD et al didn\'t, (make a Godawful mess of it i mean.) They made it better!
I rapidly fell for Nine\'s angst, leather jacket, and love for his Rose, then fell harder for Ten\'s wayward hair, manic grin and The Eyebrow of Snark,(it REALLY does it for me) so much so I think I\'m obsessed!

I was incredibly sad to lose Ten, but I think overall David had made the right decision - leave while he still loved it and had not come to resent the fact it had taken over his life. I feel that his time in the theatre recently has re-ignited the flame he has always carried for his first love - live theatre...that and the promise of directing, which he has always wanted to do. It also gives RTD the chance to make up for JE by giving us fans (and he is one of them, it has to be said) exactly the stupendous, awe-inspring and correct ending to DT\'s tenure - a parting shot and clearing the way for Moffat.

I have to confess to being a not a little concerned in respect of Moffat - yes, he is a brilliant writer...but as show-runner I\'m not so sure. His stories tend to run darker than RTDs, and I think that his Doctor is going to be a much darker and angstier figure than Ten, because he has again lost his Rose, added to that his human self committed genocide, which did not sit well with the Doctor. I\'m still not completely enamoured of Mr Smith. I\'m not sure he has the internal gravitas needed to play a nine-hundred-and-odd-year-old alien. Added to that, I\'m not remotely attracted to him, so it looks like my fic will have to stay as Nine and Ten-centric. Not a problem, I hear you cry!) And as for Twelve...never in a million years will I write a Twelve fanfic!
Yes, I love Nine, (and would squeal like the fangirl I am if he did return,) but one angsty dark Doctor is quite enough for me. As clever as Moffat is as a writer, (and Blink was one of the scariest things I\'ve seen - and one of the cleverest) I don\'t know that he\'ll do the character justice. We\'ll have to wait and see, I guess.

I\'ve been lurking and reading the amazing fanfic on this site for quite a while, but this is my first time as a fanfic writer. I have however written before, and just finished my first novel ( a 120,000 word effort, which may or may not be any good - we\'ll see what a few publishers have to say about it.)

I usually write Nine/Rose smut, Nine/Ten/Rose smut, Ten/Rose, Ten2/Rose, Nine/Rose/Jack, and Ten/Rose/Jack ,but I\'m not averse to a challenge, and like reading it almost as much as writing it. Don\'t think I\'ll be doing Eleven...I\'ll wait and see!

I usually post first at my LJ, tardismate.livejournal.com. where you will be welcomed with open arms.

Feel free to IM, message me or e-mail me, I\'m usually lurking about somewhere, being a bit of a cyberspace whore (LOL).
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