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Penname:RavynBryce (Mari E. Fowler-Martin)
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Age statement - born the 24th of March in the year 1964 - so definitely old enough to write slash :)

I am the mum of 3. Oldest daughter is now 22 ... youngest is 10. Had a son also - he would have been 21 this year. Killed by hit and run driver when he was 9.

My youngest made this website for me since the anniversary of Daniel\'s death was recent - 7 April - and his 21st birthday also passed - 14 May. She wanted to make her mum happy.

Have 1 cat - Yami (dark).

Love to cosplay, read, sew, surf the net, and attend Sci-Fi / Horror / Anime Conventions. Do SCA sometimes (medieval reinactment group).

I am a military brat, my father was stationed in the US and Germany (pretty much US ... Germany ... US ... Germany ... US with some time off ... Puerto Rico also, born there ... a darling blonde haired blue eyed Maria (not that anymore! hair changed when I was 4 - now auburn / hazel eyes that are mostly green). Changed my name also - dropped the 2nd a. My mum saw West Side Story right before she had me and named me Maria ... I really hate it when people sing the Maria songs to me when we meet! Never have watched West Side Story - has to do with my pride. May smack someone if they keep doing that.

Attended Stuttgart American High School in Germany - returned end of junior year and graduated in America in 1982. Resided in Aldingerstrasse - lived in the town of Ludwigsburg - went to school in Pattonville.

I was very sad when my dad turned down a tour in London :(. I so love the accents ... first time I heard a Scottish one (was 13 watching the Bay City Rollers on American Bandstand). Fantasy of mine since then was to have a bloke, preferably cute of course, what I would consider attractive, show up at my door in a kilt, take me out for a film and dinner. Has not happened. Only three decades have passed, there is still hope.

I am a sucker for WWII pilots (wanted to be a military pilot) - loved shows in the 1960\'s & 1970\'s like Black Sheep Squadron. Loved other WWII shows - my absolute favourite when I was young was Rat Patrol, used to sneak downstairs after midnight to watch the show! That was the only show I ever sent away for info on - was so excited when I received a press kit! Wish I still had it. I have some strange likes I suppose.

Now absolutely mad for Torchwood and Doctor Who - thanks Michi!!!! Eldest daughter introduced me to the shows.

Another website for me is:
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