Scilera (Cerah)

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College student, Pre-Med. Yeah, I had a change of heart. Mostly because I tried to do a Poly-sci major during an election year. If you want to retain any sanity at all, don\'t do that. Ever. Back into the swing of my Doctor Who-ish things, now that break\'s here and I\'ve a bit of time to breathe. Expect updates on both of my stories up until the Christmas Special for sure--when I get /more/ canon to play with--and possibly a new addition to the AT Paradigm coming soon. A third angle on this intricate drama. The Beta Arc. Anyone who can guess whose point of view I\'ll be using for that one before it comes out gets cookies and a cameo. I need a few secondary OC\'s coming up here in a bit, so might as well make a bit of a contest out of it, yeah? Beast of luck; if anyone cares. ;)

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