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Well, I guess now that I\'ve actually begun posting here I should say a little about myself.
As for pretty much everyone here, I absolutely love Doctor Who... But I\'m an American so getting a hold of the classic epps is challenging; especially now that tvlinks has been taken away :(
I am 25 years old
I have just graduated from Central Michigan University with a BA in music (not sure what that gets me yet)

I don\'t currently have a beta for my Who fics... I have other shows that I write on that I have a beta for, but she is not a Who fan so I have to do this stuff on my own. Point is, please be patient with me and if you find mistakes, let me know so I can correct them.

And, as this seems to be a popular thing to let readers know...
favorite doctors in order from most to least...

Though you probably won\'t be seeing any nine or ten fics of mine on this site since there are certainly enough of them. I have a few on fanfic but I have no plans to write more.

Other than that all I have to say is reviews are my muses and they inspire more writing!

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