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\"May I be granted that, in your hands, the habit of looking on love as a thing to accomplish will leave, like an old pain, and that, slowly raising my eyes to look at you, I would no longer know where it had hurt--or where it had been.\" -- Rainer Maria Rilke

A joint venture between kiwimouse and rollingstone for the sole purpose of indulging in our personal OTP: Doctor/Sarah Jane. Expect lots of AUs and wishful thinking.

Kiwimouse: Eight/Sarah = the AU OTP of Fluffy Lurve!

And for the record: according to his IMDB profile, Paul McGann is 5\'8\" tall. Lis Sladen is 5\'4\" tall. Therefore, if he\'s not especially tall, he\'s at least taller than she is. So can we stop with the height arguments, please? :)


Tea and Time is an LJ community for fans of the Eighth Doctor and Sarah Jane. Essentially, members may feel free to discuss both the characters, and their love. As Doctor Who is a time travel story, the fact that these two have not officially met in canon does not preclude fans from having an abundance of fun with them outside of canon.


Upcoming Stories

Branches of Evil
~The roots of unrest run deep and do not forget, and when an old enemy seemingly comes back from the dead, time begins to run out for Sarah Jane. First of three. (Fourth Doctor)

The Four Loves
~\"To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything, and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly broken.\" -- C.S. Lewis. Second of three. (Fourth Doctor)

The Curse of Mortos
~Third of three. Summary coming soon. (Fourth Doctor)

Arcturus Ascending (aka \'Teh Epic!\')
~Happiness, like time, is circular, and all it may take is a rising star to take our hope away... or give it back. (Multi-Era: Eighth Doctor, Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, SJA)
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