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erm, hello, I am a sixteen year old american girl by the name of Allison, but you can call me... acually, I dont really care what you call me, no one ever seems gets that

but now let\'s see, what to say...

ooh! I can\'t spell for sh**
I like pie
I\'m only sixteen years old(hopefully that wont be reflected in my righting)
I have a little black cat that I named Theta
my mommy hates that I named him Theta
the only REAL boyfriend I ever had died
I sing in the school chorus
I act in highschool plays(If I can get into the musical that is, grrr)
at school I never eat in the caff(loud and obnoxious children, EEEK)
I love kangaroos
chocolate is my anti-drug
people say I bottle my emotions, I say \'what emotions?\'
personally, I LIKE that little Adric, I think he\'s cool and thus he will be ariving in stories(haters beware!), could any one tell me why thay hate him?
pleas? I think he was a sweet heart, with a lot of wasted potential, and any one who thinks other wise should go watch The Keeper of Traken, like now

pie is good
go eat pie

I\'ll try to update as often as I can cause, uh, still in high school...


Doctor Who Quots:

Tegan: of course, if we had an index file, we could look it up in the index file under index file

Adric: Now I\'ll never know if I was right...

The Doctor(seventh): There are worlds out there ware the sky’s burning, ware the sea’s asleep and the rivers dream, people made of smoke and cities made of song, some ware there’s danger, some ware there’s injustice, and some ware else the tea is getting cold. C’mon Ace, we’ve got work to do


meen things people have said to me about Doctor Who:

\"You\'ve got to be sick to like Doctor Who, OHHH\"
~Ms Albota(my english teacher)
*bite me Albota!!!*

\"I want to ring Martha\'s little neck...\"
Ashly(er, I spelled her nme rong but watever)
*I kinda agree actualy...*


just some random and/or cool and/or poetic things:

One loves the sunset when one is so sad, and the sunrise when one is glad to be alive...

The higher the plum tree the sweeter the plum


uga buga boo, said the Pickachu

\"even though I\'m a lemur-kitty, I can still be a cookie and an awsomely loveable hard-core emo teddy bear\"~Vivikins(yes, I give my friends stupid names that thay HATE)*hugs Vivi*

\"I\'ve seen monkeys prittier than you!\"
\"I\'ve seen some very pritty monkeys\"

\"Old men in suspenders are sexy\"~Vivikins(and her suspenders!)
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