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Well. This is the part where you want to know about me. I don\'t know that there\'s much to know about. I\'m a student in Missouri, a New Whovian, no longer a teenager but just barely, studying animal science and agricultural business but with dreams of becoming a writer. I think I\'m really a Time Lady who\'s used the Chameleon Arch to blend in with human society, but, since I seem to have misplaced the watch, I guess I\'m stuck being human. I desperately want a sonic screwdriver. If a genie came to me and said, \"Kate, you can have any technological toy you want,\" I would say \"I would love to have a sonic screwdriver, please!\"
(yeah, yeah, everyone always says all that crap about world peace and stuff...well, world peace would be nice, especially since I\'ve had this whole nervous \"oncoming storm\" feeling about the political atmosphere for a while, but the problem with world peace is that it won\'t possibly last, so it\'s a bit like wishing you had a glass of water to drink; once it\'s gone, it\'s gone, you\'ve wasted a wish).
Whoops, didn\'t mean to soliloquy there. I have a strange obsession with quotes. I get to go to England and Ireland in March, and I\'m desperately trying to figure out how to break away from the group I\'m going with long enough to stalk DT, but I don\'t think it\'s going to work...sigh. Especially when we\'re driving through Wales, but I really don\'t think it\'ll work...sigh again.
I\'m a huge sci-fi fanatic, and I tend to get people I know hooked on the shows I like. I\'ve already gotten my best friend firmly hooked on \"Stargate: Atlantis\" and if I can tape some DW, or otherwise acquire them (*suddenly looks uncomfortable*), I\'m showing her those too. I\'ve already shown her \"Rose\" and had her firmly shipping Doctor/Rose within an hour and a half. Not to mention I\'ve got my ten-year-old sister hooked on it, and she\'s shipping Doctor/Rose too (although she\'s got a thing for Nine...oh well, with age comes the awareness that DT is...drat, I just drooled all over the computer again!!!!).
Oh. And I have a tendency to ramble. And whenever I\'m surprised, I say \"What?! What?! WHAT?!\" And I\'ve run into a couple of statues of weeping angels and started hyperventilating and not blinking until I back out of sight. And I almost screamed when I saw a gas mask in an antique shop once.
*stops and considers it* Ya know...I think I may watch too much \"Doctor Who\"...
*stops and considers it again* Nahhhh....
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