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Hello, there. So, you want to know about me, hmm? Well, I enjoy slash, and het, but not femslash. My favorite pairings are 8/Fitz, 2/Jamie, 5/Tegan, 5/Turlough, Ben/Polly, and 4/Romana. I dislike Rose, but only Season 2 Rose, and I dislike Peri. I like Romana, Sarah Jane, Fitz, Anji, Leela, K-9, Ace, Ben, Polly and Jamie. Not in that particular order, though. I\'m open about Doctor Who, usually. But I don\'t like some aspects of the New Series, and I tend to stay away from New Series fanfiction. And Ten/Master, that\'s my least favorite pairing of all time. I preferred Eric Roberts, and that is saying something.

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