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Hello everyone who may read this! My dad got me into Doctor Who when it came back in 05. Back then there was a strike on at the CBC so Canada only got it a week behind the U.K. Despite the prompt run of episodes, i was a busy grade 10 student then and couldn\'t manage to watch more than one episode. In october 06 it came back on, you all know the story, same man, new face, and by then i realize now, everyone in the U.K. had already seen the end of the series before we\'d even seen the beginning. I\'m getting away from the point here... I loved it! I watched it, purchased the 05 series and went from there. Series 4 is done, it was brilliant and I loved/ hated/ am confused about how I feel about the end/ beginning to my favourite fandom\'s relationship (if you\'ve seen it you know what I mean). Yes yes yes very brilliant but i feel in a way that since it has a definitive end, that i am slightly less inspired to finish my other stories. Please review what i have written so far, and nag me to continue!

best wishes and happy reading!


*I have pushed through the writers block! Not only that but the Darkness Before the Light series has gotten even longer, it will now be around...4-5 stories for the series. I am taking all essay courses in university right now which is draining me dry but I promise to those who read, I will finish! Full of Light *IS FINISHED!* NOW: Goodbye, and then...well you\'ll just have to wait and see! Sorry for faithful readers who wait months for updates! I love you all and your continued support means the world. Thanks for being awesome readers and reviewers, seriously...review everything! I do, it\'s fun! *

\"I don\'t want to go.\"

Guh! that paired with the music along with it...floods, I am telling you, floods. So here we all retreat, fanfic, where Ten will never die! Sob...but really...if he had to go, it was one hell of an exit wasn\'t it?

March 15/2010

I said I would be updating faster and believe me with 3 essays due in two weeks I\'ve been trying. I updated and it wasn\'t validated but I got not notice of this so I waited and waited. The next chapter has been uploaded again...2 days ago, and I am still waiting...stick with me!
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