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I love Dr Who and Torchwood.

Love Love Love!

And I don\'t like Gwen. I mean it\'s not like I hate Eve Myles. God no. she is a great actor it\'s just ... GWEN! Eww. How attention seeking CAN you get? She\'s in love with Rhys but shags Owen while thinking she is Jack\'s soul mate or something crazily moronic like that. And then she gets all upset about the whole Owen/Diane thing! She has no bloody right! Plus... it Janto ... Not Gwack or whatever.

I think Tosh and Ianto are to under appreciated and Gwen sometimes I think that [to use a quote from Owen] even the stick up her arse has a stick up her arse!

Again, I have nothing against Eve. FANTASTIC actor. Better if she played a less annoying character. =]

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