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I\'m a thirty-something working mother with three small children - hence my slow updates! I grew up watching the classic series and love the new series just as much if not more! My background is medical/science - not english/writing, which I\'m hoping isn\'t too obvious. Thanks for reading!

***Update 12/6/2010: Those of you who read my twitter will know this already, but had a horrific hard drive crash in October - I\'ve lost 7 chapters of \'Seuls\', and quite a few of \'Contagion\', in addition to family pics, etc. Sadly, the backup also failed to restore. The hard drives in question are to be sent off to disaster recovery services, but in the meantime, it looks like I\'ll have to reconstruct as best I can. Massive apologies.***

***Update Jan 2012 - I\'ve been working like a fiend lately, but I\'m trying a little writing experiment - fic in blog format. Here\'s the links if you\'re interested. Sorry for the long. or

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