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Hey there, I\'m silverotter, but call me BSR, please. I\'m a recent Doctor Who fan (that is, I haven\'t seen anything before the 2005 series) as well as an American one. Despite this, I\'ve managed to get through all of the recent seasons, plus Torchwood, thanks to the internet. I mostly write drabbles and song fics, sorry song fic haters.

Update: Got a new song fic going, if I can ever focus enough to jot it down. S\'gonna be off Ben\'s Brother\'s \"Stuttering\".

In The Works:

More for the OCD Boredom series. (If I can think of more crack.)

An Ianto-centric fic which is approximately 10x longer than any of my other stories. I\'ve sent it to the beta, and I\'m just waiting to get it back.

All these song fics:
Coin Operated Boy (Jack)
No Surprises (Ianto)
Hold Me (Ianto/Jack or Jack/Doctor)
Shame On Me (Ianto/Jack)(This one is actually halfway written.)
It\'s Been A Long, Long Time (I\'m actually thinking about just drawing this one. Too bad I can\'t upload pictures.)

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