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Occasional musician, massage therapist, and gardener. I love Celtic rock, Red Dwarf, and Harry Potter.

I love Doctor Who.

My husband is quite amused at this fact; he\'s a longtime fan of the classic series and has been trying to get me interested in it for over a decade. My interest was marginal until New Who came along, and then I was hooked. And then I asked him to hand-pick his favorite classic series episodes for my enlightenment and edification and I\'ve found a new appreciation.

Then I decided to give the Eighth Doctor audios a try, and life will never be the same again.

I\'m a full-time working, breadwinning mom of 3 young children, with a husband who attends school in the evenings, so it\'s a wonder I find any time at all to write. So please be patient with me; I may be slow, but chances are I\'m still plodding away...

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