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In case you haven\'t noticed, I haven\'t updated for a while or engaged my Doctor Who brain that much since Christmas.

This won\'t be a permanent thing, I hope. I\'ve been very busy with exams and now it\'s the summer my life has taken a very busy turn.

Do drop me a message though- I check my emails every once in a while and I promise to get back to you at some point. If I don\'t for a while, please don\'t be offended, it\'s just me being a forgetful person, as usual.

Hope you\'re all having fantastic lives ;)

I\'m Liv and live (aha!) in good old rainy England. I have a silly sense of humour and I like Doctor Who. (Tell me you didn\'t see that coming.)

I don\'t particularly like talking about myself, as there\'s either a risk I\'ll sound conceited, or a risk I\'ll sound as though I have no self-confidence whatsoever. But I\'ll do my best.

I\'m not a 10/Rose shipper. Good lord, did everyone just faint? I\'m not finished yet! For those convulsing on the floor, be consoled: I\'m not not a 10/Rose shipper. It does make sense, I promise (:

Currently working on This Doctor, That Doctor, and To The Doctor\'s Future Companions. For those who\'ve asked me about Witchcraft, that\'s on hiatus. A very long hiatus. At least until I have more time.The same with Fairytale Gone Bad. Be patient :D

I admire quite a few people on this site, one of them notably being ThroughanAmberFocus. How she can churn out several absolutely fantastic fics and keep up to date with them whilst still making them completely readable and exciting to boot is completely beyond me.

Oh, and Bubbles is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And has me in stitches. Pretty much constantly, when I talk to her.

If you read my fics and do like them, please do drop me a review. Concrit is very welcome (:

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