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I won\'t write...much. I just want to review. I am a relentless grammarian and a punctuation and spelling snob. More than three typos including extra apostrophes will turn a great story into a terrible one for me. There\'ve been a couple of exceptions made because of excellent plot, but for the most part, I am painstakingly critical. I try not to leave negative feedback unless the story is just too good to be lost to bad editing.
I\'m a proud and dedicated Doctor/Rose shipper...I can fight it no longer. But I do love a good bit of slash for fun--and I\'ll enjoy anything that\'s well written enough for me to be captivated.

Please to note:
To lose something is to have misplaced it.
To loose something is to set it free.

If one has a small piece of fabric, one might call it a cloth. If one had two or more of those objects, they would be referred to as cloths.
This is in comparison to a pile of folded laundry, which might also be called clothes.
If an object belongs to a person, place, or thing, that possessive relationship is shown with an apostrophe. The Doctor\'s glasses, Rose\'s cell phone, Pete\'s comb-over, Four\'s scarf, etc.
It\'s is a contraction for it is.
Its is the exception to the possesion rule above. The word, \"it\" loves its apostrophe when it\'s a contraction.
There are so many more. Employ spell-checkers wisely. Really read what you\'ve written.
And by all means, mock me mercilessly for my snobbery behind my back.
That is all :-D
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