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Hey, my name is Fiona, I\'m 20, JUST MARRIED AND LOVING IT HAHA, I have 3 dogs, 2 cats, and thats all you get to know xD

I haven\'t uploaded anything in a while, and I\'m SORRY but the evil squirrels took off with my muse and that was last year sometime =/ I will get it back one day...-shakes fist at squirrels-

My fave types of stories will most likely include 10, Rose, Capt. Jack, possibly Donna, and will unlikely include Martha, I don\'t know why, but she gets on my nerves....might possibly be the amount of screaming she does and her general pathetic-ness...anyhow...my fave stories will have the above characters in, and will include action/adventure, fluff, protectiveness (love it! haha) and they\'ll just be generally exciting!...I aim to write the same types of things as well =)

Anyway, that\'s enough of me rambling on and on, please feel free to read and review my stories =D

I also have a FF.net account under the name Raxacoricofallapatorious =)

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