Flatlander (Danielle Frances Ducrest)

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Hello, all. I\'m a fan of Doctor Who (obviously), Highlander, Buffy, Angel, Star Trek (TOS, TNG and DS9), Stargate, and many, many, many more fandoms. As of early July 2007, I\'ve been writing fan fiction for eight years and approximately three weeks. It\'s been a lot of fun so far.

I occasionally saw repeats of the classic series on PBS when I was younger, and I\'ve been a fan of the new series of Doctor Who for a little over a year now, ever since I saw the first series episodes on the SciFi Channel. It\'s doubtful that SciFi will ever show Torchwood or the Sarah Jane Adventures or that either of these shows will be produced in American DVD format, but I am painfully aware of their existences. That\'s all you\'re probably interested in hearing about me, and what I told you is likely more than you wanted to know...

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