SunnieBelle (Heather Caudell)

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Hello! My name is Sunnie.
A few tidbits of info about me:
I'm a Texas-born-and-raised southern gal.
I'm an amateur artist, mostly pencil drawings. (If you would like to see any of my artwork feel free to visit me on
I'm also an amateur writer and love to use my over-active imagination.
I'm a huge fan of Scott Westerfeld's "Leviathan" trilogy and encourage people of any age to read them! They are fantastic!
I love any shade of purple, all things horses and adore the sound of the violins and cellos.
Just recently I was introduce to the incredible world of Doctor Who and immediately fell in love with it! I am a hard-core shipper of the Doctor and Rose Tyler, and especially of the 9th Doctor and Rose.