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Time flies, doesn\'t it? It\'s just about three years now since I discovered the wonder that is Doctor Who. It began with the new series, and spread to all of the Whoniverse. I adore old and new school, Sarah Jane Adventures and Torchwood.

My favorite Doctors are the odd ones; Seven has stolen my heart, followed by Nine, Five and Three. That\'s not to say i don\'t also love the others. I do.

Ace is my favorite companion, and most fics here will feature her. And yes, some of them will include shipiness between her and Seven, because in my world they are together. As with all of my favorite characters there will be a great amount of angst in Ace\'s adventures. At current count I\'ve killed her three times. I also have made her pregnant, and this spring she\'ll be having the baby (at the Brig\'s house!) No, it\'s not Seven\'s. Some Ace stories will include Ianto Jones- at some point I will finish the story of how he came to be traveling with Seven and Ace (Ace, working at Torchwood, basically)

My ships are varied, and too many to list, but a few of my favorites are:

Ian/Barbara, Two/Jamie, Three/Jo, Four/Sarah, Five/Nyssa, Seven/Ace, Nine/Ace, Nine/Rose, Nine/Rose/Jack, Jack/Ianto

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