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I am twenty-seven years old, a female madly in love with all versions of the Doctor (fine Peter Capaldi is a dad version so I love him like a dad). But I absolutely love Doctor Who. My first crush was Eccleston because well let\'s face it: He did Jude! Then, came David Tennant which made me bow. And finally.. Matt Smith what can I say? Sugar rush/ but wonderfully portrayed by Smith.

I love all things Whovian, and will probaby go back to rewriting my tales during the Holidays and the upcoming 2015 year. Got to write it now that I am in my late twenties.

As for other shows... I might make jokes about The Walking Dead.. Imagine the Doctor killing zombies now with Rick Grimes (Nooot, but hey an April Fool\'s can happen), I\'m not going to do Vampires though because R*ce thinks she owns the words vampires, but maybe so. Vampires from Venice? I had written that one before hadn\'t I? Or my 21 year old attempt at writing vampires. Witches, and goblins oh my!

American Horror Doctor Who Style?

Nah, those are all probably my weird shenanigans that wont come to pass. However I can try to pass April Fool\'s items.

Me back in when, well I was 20:
\"I am a big Dr Who fan. Loved Christopher Eccleston, and so I got into it, then I meet the tenth doctor and also like him. Nice Chap...

I have always liked to write, but usually in my private journals (I have one for Lord of the Rings a 1000 page history of Middle Earth to present day), Harry Potter, and my own stories of murder and mayhem.

So let\'s see how it goes with the Doctor who story... let\'s see...

By the way, for more info undomiel152003@yahoo.com for myspace. Yeah if you like you can add me, but email me first too many pervs out there.\"
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