Jaselin ortega (I am BATMAN!)

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Website: Phantom-Jaselin.Deviantart.com

Only knew about the Doctor Who show since summer 2006 (When it came on in the states)
but am already obsessed with it.

My favorite Doctors are the 9th, the fourth, the tenth (The cutest), and the eight(the second cutest)

Finally I\'m brave enough to put a little more.
My most used saying is \"Nothing Broke\"
and I love almost all types of music.

I\'m a hopeless 10/rose shipper and I have dreams of being the Doctor\'s companion...literally

HEY! Why are you looking at me like that?! I\'m not crazy! Beleive me!

Also I am southern (the american kind) and love drinking earl grey tea.

I got a gallery on Fanart-central.net!!! Yay!
Anyway, useless ad but I\'m under the username Jaselin and I\'d Love it if you looked at my art and see why I think I\'m better at that then writing.(please?)

I now have an acount on deviantart, woohoo!

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