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\"People say that if you\'re famous you give up the right to privacy. That\'s bull. I\'m an actor. I\'m not a celebrity.\" -Alan Davies-

Hey, I also write on Fanfiction.net as Flash Foreward.

I\'m currently writing \"The Doctor Who Crossover Series\" in which I cross Doctor Who with several fandoms (one story at a time). I\'ve done House, I\'m working on Firefly, and I have a few more lined up, but if you want to request a Fandom feel free. I will let you know if I feel I can do justice to the Fandom.

I\'ve recently had computer trouble and lost a lot of work, I still have The Doctor Paralleled thanks to the internet. I will try and update it once I have time.

Also, someone requested a crossover with the Magic School Bus but I stupidly deleted the message. If you could send me a message about it again, that\'d be great.


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