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Not much to tell you about me, especially since I don\'t think anyone reads these little biographies anyways :p

I\'m an occasional dabbler in the art of writing, which I prefer to do anonymously. I\'m a fierce Rose x Doctor shipper, which is sort of strange since I normally don\'t do shipping. At all.

The Ninth Doctor will forever be my favourite, even though I do like David Tennant as the Tenth.
On the scale of Sexy I count them both equal, though ;)

I don\'t like preg-fics, nor fics in which anyone else but Rose/The Doctor gets to fool around with Rose/The Doctor ;)
This has everything to do with my own particular tastes and nothing with the skill of the authors, so if you write/like that type of fics, don\'t start to flame me. It\'s not because I don\'t like them that there\'s something wrong with those fics.
Apart from that I\'m highly allergic to writers who incorrectly use British English, one of the things I contracted while reading Harry Potter fics written by Americans.
Again, got nothing against Americans, but please either don\'t use BE or use it correctly.

I have no idea what sort of stories I\'m going to upload here, even though my first will be highly smutty (can\'t help it, it\'s those damn bunnies I tell ya).

Uhm, yeah. Have a nice day :D

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