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[Guess I\'ll be updating AO3 instead of here from now on]
I truly am sorry that I haven\'t been updating/editing my earlier stories. I got to the point where I had pages of ideas, quotes, and fragments of future chapters and I was not happy with where I\'d written myself in on them currently. I know I need to edit/rework at very least the last chapter on Obscured, and expanding my framework on the other two.

As usual I do very much appreciate suggestions and recommendations, while I tend to write and submit as I go while incorporating and adapting what I already have to fit, sometimes it works sometimes it fails.

At the moment I have 150 pages in a document of two stories - one of 10 and Rose (that has evolved to also focus on Bad Wolf, TARDIS, and Jack) and one of 10x2 and Rose, and a version of their new life and challenges. I also have two full notebooks of parts of these two stories to transcribe, and as always happens, expand upon. So I may just make each of them a series and post completed parts when I feel each portion is complete, no matter the order.

Over the past few years, while not posting, my writing has gone to first person, and is full of smut, violence, kink and all sorts of things that I would blush over if anyone knew I wrote, so I\'ll do my best to throw warnings when I finally do upload.

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