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Hi you\'ve seen to have found one of my little corners of the web... Please take a read (and rate) of any stories

I\'m sooo sorry I haven\'t updated in ages, or read any stories, I\'ve just been far to busy. I\'m going to France tomorrow and I\'ll be back in a week, so hopefully I\'ll have some more information. I\'ve also got a HUGE Dr Who crossover planned to keep me entertained over the summer. So keep fingers crossed that I get round to writing it.

Also I haven\'t been updating beacuse I\'ve started a account on www.deivantart.com (search: Floating-Away) and www.fanfiction.net (search:LostLyra - though I haven\'t put any of my Dr Who stories on there yet).

If you\'re in the U.K and just about to start your holiday have a blast, and if not well I hope you\'re having a good time. I promise to update as soon as possible when I get back from France.

I love Dr Who and writing, preferably when they are together.

My favourite episode of Dr Who is \'Tooth and Claw\' but my other favourite is \'Boom Town\'.

Yay Torchwood\'s back on air. WOO!! So far my fave episode is \"Meat\"

I\'m really sorry about the lack of updating at the moment, I have a really big writers block and my plot bunnies can\'t be bothered to cross it.

A plus side is that I have started a account on www.fanfiction.net and my name is LostLyra, if anyone wants to read.

Even though I am a dylexic, it dosen\'t hold me back from my writing, (nothing ever will!!)

I write whereever I can, if I don\'t hve a computer
I\'ll write on paper, well you\'ve got to try something...

I\'ve got a really bad habit of adding random people to my favourites as well if I like the stories but then I can\'t remember who they are if I\'m going to base one on them...

Anyway my mind is a very wide open space and I do get lost in there, that\'s why half the stories i write take ages to write because of mind blocks (and exams) *groan*.

I would like feedback, especially from beta-readers.
I hope you enjoy my stuff!!

Hope you like it.

I\'m looking for a Beta to review my work. SO please get in contact. PLEASE...

Read and comment you get a interent hug :)

N.B Most of my work is not based on actual things that have happened to me... Only really the emotions, definatly the Angst part at the moment. The rest of my writing is up to reading and my over active emagination!!!