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Technically, I\'m still a newbie to \"Doctor Who\"; my very first encounter with it was when \"The Girl in the Fireplace\" aired in the US, sometime in mid-October of 2006. I admit I was worried when I watched it at first; I\'d heard about the telephone box and the alien thing, and I had vague memories of something about a scarf, but when I saw Rose and Mickey I thought \"Oh, hell! He\'s going to have teenage assistants, and then it\'ll be all \'gosh, Doctor! Gee whiz!\'\" I admit, I shuddered at the idea.

Rose and Mickey proved themselves to me within an episode or two. The Doctor, however, had me from \"I didn\'t want to say \'magic door.\'\"

Currently, I write Ten, Nine, and Four fiction, as those are my favorite Doctors. I ship Ten/Rose and Four/Leela (I\'ll wait a moment while you stare at me oddly), and even go by the name \"Leela\" among friends, thanks to my habit of suspecting everybody of trying to pull a fast one on me. The fandom has come over me like a very enjoyable plague; I\'ve sewn a replica of Four\'s scarf for a friend of mine, and I\'m making a Leela costume for future convention usage. I have ambitions of becoming a professional writer, so I use my fanfic as a testing ground for ideas I\'m fond of.

In my work, you will find mostly humor, enough action/adventure to glue the plot together, and romance. I am a devotee of the Happy Ending, and I enjoy parodying songs and poking fun at cliches. I\'ve taken a few tentative stabs at heavy drama, but I can\'t guarantee anything; if you want a heart-rending tale, then you\'d best look elsewhere. Here be only Jelly Babies and Little Edible Ball Bearings.
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