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Hi! I\'m Rowena Zahnrei. :) I\'m a big fan of Doctor Who--the sheer sci-fi-ness of it, the endless possibilities for adventure! I really admire the Doctor\'s quirky, powerful character, and that he roams through time and space armed only with his wits, the trust of his friends, and a sonic screwdriver. The brain is quicker than the gun! My favorite incarnations of the Doctor are 1,2,3,4,7,9, and 10 with particular emphasis on 4,7,3,9, and 10. Sorry 5,8,11, and 6!
I started writing Doctor Who fanfiction because it\'s frankly torture waiting for new episodes and books to come out, and it\'s the best and most creative way I could find to release all the ideas crowding my head. I write when my other obligations let me--and, sometimes, even when they don\'t--and although I may not always update quickly, I make a point of finishing all my stories. I hope you enjoy them! :D


This is my current list of unfinished stories according to the priority I\'ve assigned--and which you can influence. If you ever think I\'m taking too long to update a story, please let me know and I\'ll do my best to get a new post up within two weeks of getting your message. If, for any reason (school/health/family/work), I can\'t make that deadline, I\'ll post a message below:

1) The Old Man and the Police Box, and other impossible tales
(COMPLETE!!! October 8! Thanks for the recommendation on Calufrax!!!)

If I should get the inspiration to write a one-shot story, I usually put that before chapter stories until it\'s ready to post, then I go straight back to my chapter stories.
Thank you for reading and for all your fantastic reviews, and I especially appreciate your patience with me! :D
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