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Bit on the rambly side, the sort of person who owns a Four scarf and a radio-controlled Dalek and ships the Doctor with, um, everyone, sort of, even if he is asexual. Fond of Academy era smut, Doctor Evelyn Smythe the most specialest companion ever, happy Doctor fics, K-9 at his most uppity and going \"WOO EEE OOO!\" at random people in SF/F conventions. Baker is my favorite Doctor, but I won\'t tell you which.

In the Last Great \'Ship War, I belong to the side that loves both Rose and Martha but hates Ten. Yeah.

I also write ElfQuest and play Werewolf: the Apocalypse. And do my M.A (I\'m gonna be a Master mwuahahaha) in communications research, when I get bored. I\'ll reply if you email me, and I\'ll GUSH over it, so please do.

(Also, here just be fanfic, but all sorts of DW meta gets posted to my LJ all the time. Life, don\'t have, all that. So you can look for that there if you feel like it. And then I might convert you to watching Sapphire and Steel.)

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