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What to say, what to say

Hi I\'m Lily (or Suki) I live in America, Louisiana if ya wanna know what state.

I\'m 14

I\'m a girl if you haven\'t gussed but the name

I\'m a Doctor/Rose shipper NOT Doctor/Martha! No Way am I into that. I am still getting used to Martha not ready for that.

I\'m the odd kind of person, who listens to songs that aren\'t in a language I can\'t understand, but loves them.

Random things-

Roses are red, Violets are blue, white cows with black spots say \"Mooooo\"

I\'ve got a Live Journal now so come check it out, but I\'m still working on some things. It\'s still all new to me XP

And I am very happy that Rose is coming back, but not is they screw it all up.

If ya want to be impressed by writing. Turn away. I\'m a goofy writer who will write odd little things that don\'t make sense. :P

Okay dokies, that\'s about it, bye!

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