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Name- Alex. Hello! *waves*

Age- 17

Nicknames- Stick (I was seriously skinny when I was young), Sticky (see previous explaination!)

Random stuff about me:
-I live in Australia, but can\'t wait \'til I finish uni so I can move to Wales.
-Once I have an obsession, there is no stopping me!

Favourite TV shows- Doctor Who (well duh), Torchwood, Queer as Folk, Merlin and Gilmore Girls

Favourite actors- Chris Eccleston (has one of my hearts) and David Tennant (has the other one, plus whatever it is that triggers me turning into mush!). Oh, and John Barrowman and Gareth David-Lloyd of course! *swoons at all the pretty*

Favourite Doctors- Nine and Ten. Nine because he was just so unique and sweet, Ten because he\'s so adorable! Mind you, Four was pretty cool too...

Favourite companions- Rose, Donna and Jack! Very much not Martha...

Other fandoms- Torchwood (Jack/Ianto all the way), Harry Potter (Snarry and Drarry), Queer as Folk (Brian/Justin), Merlin (Merlin/Arthur) and Gilmore Girls (Jess/Rory and Luke/Lorelai)

Fav. things (other than Doctor Who or writing/reading fics)- shopping, bellydancing (it\'s my 10 year anniversary this year), and skinny crust hawaiian pizza

Things I hate- Whoever decides that Australia has to get British shows a year after the\'re aired in the UK, parallel universes, the idea of an American Torchwood!

I have an account on fanfiction.net, as kiss-her-theta. There are the songfics that I\'m not allowed to post here on there.

Oh, and feel free to contact me on MSN, but if you scare me, I\'ll block you!!

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--Update (5 March 2008)--

Hi everyone! I\'m trying to get back into writing at the moment, after taking quite a break. My newest fic is called \'Life Without A Heart\' and is feeling somewhat unloved as it doesn\'t have any reviews from here yet. *hint hint nudge nudge* Apart from that, I think \'Not Anymore\' can be considered somewhat dead for now, so don\'t be hoping for any updates for that unless it\'s bunnies come back. I have a new Janto fic in the works at the moment, so that could be out in a week or two if school doesn\'t get in the way as it seems to love to.

Update (22nd May 2009)

Sooooooo, life\'s still nuts. Turns out the \'virus\' I got last March wasn\'t just a virus, and I\'ve been quite sick for the past 12 months. However, it looks like I\'m on the mend, and fingers crossed that I\'ll be back to normal soon. As for the fics, well... as you can see, \'Not Anymore\' has been put on hold for almost 2 years. God, that seems weird, that it was that long ago, but anyway. Thing is, I\'ve been thinking about it a fair bit lately and wanting to continue it, so if we\'re lucky, and my exams this week all go well and my ideas don\'t run back into the cupboard they\'ve been hiding in for the past couple of years, then you might be getting an update soon. Stay tuned...

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