Pbantonox (Menolly)

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Hi, I\'m Menolly P\'Bantonox, I\'m twenty, and I\'ve been an American Who fan since 1996.

I enjoy writing, but the one story you\'ll never see me write is a post-Doomsday
Doctor/Rose reunite fic. Yes, I know fanfiction is where \'anything can happen\' and it\'s eerily familiar in the way that often \'what happens on Whofic stays on Whofic.\' I\'d much rather write in-character. Mostly.

Update 12/1/09: Well, it seems I\'ve been a bit lazy of late... as in... lazy for a year or so. Oops. I\'ll get back to writing... soon... ^_^;


In other news...

SOUL CAGES HAS BEEN DELETED due to the fact that it has been sent out into an amateur publication. It will be reposted in March. (edit: when I retype it, actually, lol. Soon...ish.)

Annnnnnd, I\'ve been working on a very long story, to be posted by thanksgiving, starring Nine.
UPDATE: My laptop crashed. I can\'t get to the story, dammit. Maybe I\'ll continue writing the sequel?
EDITED EDIT: I\'ve finally gotten arount to rewriting the aforementioned story. Should be up by the new year!
EDITED EDITED EDIT: Procrastination yay! No clue when it\'ll be up.

Oh dear...