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I\'ll make this short, mostly because I\'m sure it\'s not actually that important. I mean, good stories are good stories, why would you care who writes them, eh? ;) (Hopefully it will be me, though.)

I started writing fanfiction about nine years ago. Time really flies. It was all about the X-Files for me back then, and a while later I had a dab at Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. I hadn\'t written fanfiction in a couple of years, but then Doctor Who came around and I fell in love with the new and classic show.

From what I\'ve seen so far - and there\'s a lot to see with over 40 years of telly history - Four takes the cake as my favourite Doctor, with Ten as a close second.

Well then, off you go! Read, read. Indulge yourself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing.

(If you\'d like to contact me, for one reason or another, my email address is \'nastally at gmx dot de\'.)

I\'ve taken down \'The Sleepers\'! I\'m really sorry, but as I fail at writing chapters. :( Even though I had it all in my head, it just wouldn\'t come out on paper (or screen, in this case), so I\'ve decided to abandon it. Big apologies and thanks to everyone who read, favourited and commented.

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