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MY Fan fic site is http://s4.invisionfree.com/Imaginations_wings/ evey one welcome! Come talk a look.

I\'m seventeen, and I have dyslexia so my spelling isn’t always that great. I’m currently in college! dispite not wanting to be lol i\'ve only been their three days and already wanna leave.

I love Doctor Who and Torchwood, Buffy the vampire slayer, firefly, so anything supernatural really.

I have a soft spot for, Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness and the 1oth Doctor. Mostly Ianto thought... with Jack on the side...

I have Property of Torchwood tattooed on my right hip so laugh if you want but I like it so think what you like. lol.

I love righting and never want to stop making my ideas come to life on paper. Some times I wounder if im really one of my carries having a dream or righting about me. lol im very odd.

I\'ve only just got into fan fiction this year, as I right my own stuff most of the time but I have ideas in my head that need to be shared, before my brain goes bang!

I\'m going to need a few Beta\'s if anyone is game?

I love the wonderful Bonzodog who is the best beta ever!!!!!

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