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Black Wolf, Black Wolf, why do you cryÖ?

Hai! *waves* Iím Wolfy. Iím constantly hyper and constantly thing about writing. And Doctor Who was my first fandom, so writing it canít be wrong. :D

All I can say is, I did it again. I stopped writing for ages. >< Sorry. D:

I use to have general info on me here... but hereís a sum up. Iím really called Jo (yah, hai again) but I like Wolfy as much as Jo. Iím 17, and love wolves. And Sophia is my fave OC by far.

From the list of things you need to know, only one lives. I still canít spell. -.-

Now, on to a more detailed friend list.

Up-coming stories

Dunno if Iíll ever write this, but meh.

No Title Yet - After a distress signal the Doctor, Rose and Sophia end up going under cover at a bording school on Caparikia. But Sophia learns more about her past on Wolven...

My OCís are Sophia Moonstone, Black Wolf and Black Wolf Junior. These three werenít for DW fiction, but I wrote them in and they seem popular... so I keep them in. :D

YAY! We reached the bottom! Now, time to go write... something. If you wanna talk to me feel free to add msn with a note on who you are or find me on many other places like DA.

BYE!!! *waves and runs off*

*runs back*

Oh, Iím keeping this... I like it. :D
Here a little phrase from the Lion King. \'wir sind alle Teil deise Universumsí - We are all part of this universe!\' From the German \'Circle of Life\'.

*runs off again*

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