LilStarKat (Katherine)

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I\'m currently doing my ALevels in college and I\'m a huge Doctor Who and Torchwood fan.
I\'m also a supporter of the 10thDoctor/Rose shipping. But I am partial to a bit of Master/Rose. Soon to becoming, very partial, if my recent choice in reading is to be counted.

Although she may be gone for now i believe very much so that she will be back one day and the Doctor and Rose will live happily ever after!

And yes i am head over heels for David Tennant, come on, what red blooded woman wouldnt be?!? I also find myself drawn very much so, to John Simm\'s the Master and John Barrowman\'s Captain Jack. Sexy Sci-Fi dudes are the best!

Ok, people try and not get excited but it has been confirmed by the BBC that Billie Piper\'s Rose is on her way back to Doctor Who!! Ok forget that last part... wahoo!!! I cannot believe this, its so brilliant but yes, apparantly according to the BBC its true!!!