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I love Doctor who (who doesn\'t on this site?) my friends are all awesome. I love to cook and I love to act drama is my favorite subject.

carrot is the second half of the duo (carrot flavoured cookies) and can type fast and is the bestest editor in the entire cosmos shes my burddy.

my absolute favorite episode is new earth when Cassandra was in The Doctors body LOL
i adore the crimbo invas watch the outtakes on the dr who box set season two to find out
oh fanta- fanta- oh no it doesn\'t fit the t what am i gonna say now brilliant- brilliant (high pitch) brilliant -------- ain\'t gonna continue by the box set go on do it do it now have you gone good (humms lift music) (2 hours later) watch it (another two hours) Its good ain\'t it

I love fall out boy expecially pete my fave song is this aint a scene its an arms race

me and carrot have discovered that david tennant like ourselves has freckles.He looks soo gorgeous

my friend emi is on the site

yay doctor who is back

Nothing is better than a hot actor playing the Doctor such as David Tennant he is the best and he rocks who\'s with me.


sorry for that outburst

My stories are now mega fun and random.

ohhh shiny I like cake, I really really really like cake. and I love to bake cakes.yey cake

by the way we are only gonna write ten/Rose/Martha/Jack or torchwood stories.


I wish to add that I love manga and I have calmed down since this was first added. I need a Beta reader please help.....
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