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Children, avert your eyes.



Mature Content

Kink, Fetish and Smut

My stories are not for those vanilla in the bedroom.

However, if 'Medical Fetish' is your cup of tea, read on.

If the genre is not your particular taste, then maybe these will be good for a laugh at least.

Any hate or kink shaming will not be tolerated. So, kind and helpful comments only. No nasty messages, please.

I post warnings at the beginning of each story, for anyone easily triggered or squeamish. If these warnings are not sufficient enough, then let me know and I will add more tags to them. If these warnings spoil the story for you at all, then don't read them.

If there is anything else you'd like to see written by me, send me your prompts.

Feel free to use my material as inspiration for your own medical fetish-based fics. I'd love to read them!

I also have a FanFiction account, by the same pen name and try to post updates there concurrently.

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