falconwing (Cathi Falconwing)

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Like everyone else, I am a HUGE fan of TimeLords and their companions. Someday, I want a TimeLord to adopt me; since they are nearly immortal, it doesn't matter WHAT age you are as a human, to get adopted. It's My Theory so don't tell me different-It would hurt the 2 feelings I have left. ;-)

I am a huge fan of 6 and his companion Frobisher. 6ixy is my fav of the Classic Who and 9ine for NuWho: but make no mistake, I love all the DOCTORS. The favorite companion for NuWho would have to be Donna. Can you just imagine Donna with 6 or 9 or 12??? :D

I really dont understand most of the terms used for this and other fanfiction sites. You have many ancronyms that I cant reference...so my mission is to read as many stories as I can and leave feedback for those that I love (and reread too!) I occasionally read fanfic on other sites, but this site is the one I like the best.

I still want a category for the Tardis Stories. They are my favorite. There are some AMAZING stories about her and they are lost in the muddle. My wish is when they make a new category for the New Doc (sniff Capaldi I will miss you sniff) they will make one for the Tardis too....and yeah, I want tasty calorie free chocolate and a pony for Christmas too.