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Recent convert to 'Doctor Who', fan of the Doctor and of happy endings. Well, I always say 'recent' but it's a year and a half now!

Speaking of fans: "How exactly are you a fan? In what way do you resemble a means of keeping oneself cool?" ;)

Speaking of the Doctor, 9th and 10th will always be my Doctor. Because you always love your first Doctor. I happened to see both of them in random episodes almost at the same time. Then I watched it all in the right order. It was absolutely fantastic how Christopher Eccleston portrayed the broken and bitter man the Doctor was after the Time War, and how he showed them coming back to life and falling in love; and it was just brilliant how David Tennant showed the new Doctor, born of love, and getting darker as he re-discovered the meaning of loss. While I really appreciate the 11th and how the story lines were upgraded to the next level of timey-wimey, and while I would never miss any episode with the 12th, hoping that he would evolve into a more likable, less dark Doctor, the first two hold a special place in my heart. Even more so because they don't really seem two different people at all. However different they are, the change is logical and they remain the same person.

Speaking of happy endings, my literature teacher once said there are two types of readers: those who like happy endings and those who will not admit it. I am one of those that admit it. It's the reason why I started writing fan fiction in the first place, years ago at school: the endings were all wrong, the heroes died, and I wanted to make it right!

Every story deserves a happy ending. Sometimes it takes a long time to come, but I believe there is a happy ending in store for everyone.

Apparently it's customary to specify in the profile what pairing you ship. In my case it's the Doctor and Rose. And when I say it, I mean any Doctor and Rose, because in spite of changing faces it's always the Doctor. My favourite stories are usually Nine/Rose and Ten/Rose, for obvious reasons *swoons* :) but some Eleven/Rose or Twelve/Rose make me melt inside, too. My relation with TenToo is complicated. ;) I love the idea of the Doctor leading a human life with Rose, and I appreciated how the writers of the show wanted to give this particularly loved companion the best future possible - but the choice that Rose had to make between two Doctors is so unfair (both for Rose and for the Doctor) that I still shudder at it.

My stories will probably mostly be about the Doctor and Rose. It's a bit complicated because while I love Nine and Ten, I don't want to change their story as it was told. So I decided to write about a future Doctor, who, for some reason, is very close to both Nine and Ten/TenToo, but he is a different person.

At the moment all my stories are part of one series "Forever Never Dies" (yes, I know, the title sucks ;)), with the main story line about the (Time Lord) Doctor meeting Rose after many years and what happened when they met (all titles starting with "Forever") and short pieces featuring different Doctors ("Time Shards"), standalone but somehow related to the main story line.

Which companion would I be? Probably mix of Martha and Rory, no matter how much I would prefer to be Rose ;)

Classic Who: I'm still a bit behind, only having watched some earliest 1st Doctor episodes. I'll catch up.

P.S. I just noticed: I reply to reviews, and my replies are longer than the reviews :/ Sorry, I didn't realise I was so talkative... O_O

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