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Random net denizen who falls victim to the occasional plot bunny. Prolific I\'m not. Obsessively attentive to detail... yeah, sometimes.

I\'m partial to doctors four, five, eight, nine, and ten(eight and ten being the easiest for me to write, with four a close runner-up), but if an idea strikes I\'ll write any of them.

I don\'t write much fluff and while the things I write are often full of deeply close friendships and sometimes even \'closer\' friendships, I don\'t do \'romance\' in the traditional sense(lovelove flowers and rainbows and beautiful gumdrops OMG SOULMATES), which I gather accounts for my lack of hits. :3

I do write angst, but not ... horrible cliche gothy angst, if you know what I mean. Mostly I dig on friendships and the exploration thereof. Loyalty, the inevitability of loss, and hard decisions. That sort of thing.

In the past I\'ve been told there are sometimes slashy vibes where I don\'t intend there to be. I also do sometimes write slash deliberately. Oh, the horror. That\'s your warning, for what it\'s worth.

Also: Not British. Sorry. I try to write dialogue appropriately for the genre/setting but I almost assuredly screw it up sometimes. If you notice something glaring, let me know so I can fix it, thanks. :3

Canon/continuity: Unless specifically noted, all of these stories are in the same continuity. TV movie and Big Finish audios are generally used as canon, books generally not. With the exception of Festival of Death. *_*

Stuff currently in progress(titles subject to change, in order of their likelihood of posting):

combien de temps
four, sarah. currently paused.
ragged edge of the silence
eight, nine. 15%
eight, barbara, ian. 10%.
everything to everyone
ten, five, all supporting cast. 10%.

My who fic is mirrored at fanfiction.net under the penname \'ricebol\', at ao3 under \'etherati\', and at etherati@livejournal.com -- along with the fics I\'ve written for other fandoms.

I do, in fact, like bananas.
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