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My name is Blue Stone Shining Wolf
Though not on my birth certificate, it\'s part of me and I answer to it. Any fan references are a bonus! You can shorten it to BlueWolf in addressing me.

I have always been a writer, but I owe a lot to my friends.
In addition to writing my own stories, I had two friends with whom I would write collaborative stories and poems. We would also read and edit each other\'s works. While I stuck with original stories, my friends also wrote about Star Trek and other shows. I learned years later that this was called fanfiction and was very popular. While I still write original works, writing and reading fanfiction has become a rewarding pastime.

I write in memory of my sister-by-heart.
In June 2014, right as summer began, my best friend and sister-by-heart unexpectedly left life far too early. At first, the grief made it impossible for me to write or even log on to this site. But she was my muse, inspiration, and one of the two people who made me the writer I am today. I knew she would want me to write, so I started writing again in her honor. All my multi-chapter works (and most of my smaller ones) include an homage to her. Some are mentioned in author notes, others are between me and her memory. I may also include nods to her loved ones and to our other friend to whom I owe so much.

To my friend \"Captain Kate\": Thank you for who you made me to be. I have been, and always shall be, your friend.

I am a fan of many stories.
I love sci-fi, fantasy, and superheroes (primarily Marvel) but appreciate historical fiction, musicals, and classics like Shakespeare and Jane Austen too. (These are often alluded to in my stories.) I am a fan of YA literature, and my original works are YA (mostly fantasy/dystopian.) This is why I tend to write with ratings Teen or under.

I tend to use song titles as story titles.
My love for music is wide and crosses many genres. The song titles I chose (and sometimes the lyrics) will tie into the story, so I encourage you to look the songs up.

I like to research thoroughly for my stories.
I read a lot about the the history, science, culture, language, location, and other details I use in the stories. While I use some artistic license, I do my best to be accurate (or, since I deal in sci-fi/fantasy, at least plausible). I often put information about the things I have researched in the footnotes just for fun.

I am a perfectionist.
I proofread each chapter several times before posting, but often catch minor errors after posting. I even catch and correct minuscule errors months later. If I make any significant changes, I will mention it at the beginning of a new chapter.

I will finish every story I start.
I vow that unless I become physically or mentally incapable, no matter what obstacles get in my way (and I have had some rather serious ones in the past), to finish what I start. Sometimes I take detours and start a new project, but I always come back to the others.



I am an all-eras fan, but I adore the Ninth Doctor. He was my first Doctor, is my favorite Doctor, and I wish we got to see more of him. Therefore my stories so far have been Nine. But I also love Ten, enjoy Eleven, and Twelve has moved up to second place for me. So I like to create scenarios that do not meddle with their story lines.

That doesn\'t mean that every story will be a romance (I also love Jack/Nine/Rose friendship stories) or that I will only ever write Ninth Doctor stories. It is just all I have done so far.

Most of my Ninth Stories fall within my personal Apocrypha Novem Whoniverse. Within that is the Team Tardis Game Night Series, which are fun one-shots that can be read in any order and will not spoil the larger works. I welcome suggestions and challenges, especially for one-shots and the Team Tardis Game Night Series.

Most of my stories are on another site (and some are still in my head) but I am slowly transferring them over here as well.

I am always in need of random place and people names. So if you want yourself or a loved one (or a loved place) to be referenced, message me, and I will put you on a list to be used. Last names are especially useful or else my characters will start sounding like they came out of my high school yearbook!

NO guarantee HOW I will use your contribution. Your favorite town could end up a slimy bog, so keep that in mind. (Or else tell me NOT to use it as a slimy bog or aunt Ethel as an evil monster.)

I am also always in need of game ideas for Team Tardis Game Night. So if you have an idea for that or any other one-shot or short story, feel free to message me. I will even do one as a gift for you or a friend.



Rule Number One
The Doctor Lies

No wait--wrong list! Let\'s try that again.

Rule Number One
I consider only the television series as canon. It is the basis of my fanfictions.
•I honor the television episodes even when not completely fond of them. I use the TARDIS Data Core as an added reference and to help smooth out canon plot holes.
•I pick and choose from other media forms (novels, audio, etc.) and fanon at my discretion. (For example: I am not a fan of looming, there is NO WAY in my mind that the Tardis makes the sound \"Vworp,\" and I have my own ideas on Time Lord sleep.)
•Sci-fi/adventure is at the heart of my Doctor Who stories. This means danger, adventure, and ridiculous-yet-still-awesome monsters will usually be present, not just romance.
•I love using Classic Who elements to give depth to my stories. I also make in references to other NuWho episodes beyond the Doctor\'s era I am writing about.
•All \"shipping\" follows the series, whether het or slash. So if you hate Nine/Rose or Ten/Rose, I\'m sorry. I\'m so sorry. This pair was endorsed by show runners and even Eccleston himself. However, unrequited shipping might be explored.
•Bottom Line - you should be able to fit most of my stories within the known Whoniverse without too much mind-bending. I love stories that explore other ideas, but that is not usually my focus.

Rule Number Two
There are always exceptions to Rule Number One
•Alternate Universes are part of Doctor Who canon, including includes parallel universes.
•All bets are off in alternate universes, but characters should stay true to their core nature. If the AU situation springs from a canon story, characters should be able to fit back in their proper places in the episodes - whether they ultimately do or not.
•Pete\'s World storylines start from where Davies left them. This includes the chunk of Tardis he says counts. I mostly follow the head canon as laid out by Who-ligan as my basis.
•Challenges, drabbles, holiday stores, one-shots, etc. may be more fluff-based or AU.

Rule Number Three
Maturity Ratings are similar to the television series.
•Stories will be as \"family appropriate\" as the show. Which means language, violence, and suggestions of adult content will match what is seen there.
•Most content will be either K plus or Teen.
•Warnings will be placed on chapters with adults being...adult, but details would primarily be in the lead-up.
•Captain Jack will continue to flirt, date, and \"dance,\" but unless I write a Torchwood story, we will not see his \"dancing.\"

Rule Number Four
I am an American Anglophile doing my best to write about a British television series. I make all attempts to be accurate, but I will undoubtedly get some things wrong.
•I research British culture, history, and word usage.
•I write using (mostly) American grammar, wording, and spelling, but there are some words for which I favo(u)r a British spelling (e.g. theatre, parlour, dialogue, programme, and grey).
•Since the characters are basically British (even the Doctor, whether he admits it or not), I do my best to use British vocabulary in dialogue. This often carries over to the narration because it is often a description of a character\'s thoughts.
•I try to use British words that are well known to Americans or can be easily deciphered by context (e.g. flat, lift, trainers, chemist, and football). For the rest, I will add clarifying words or use a word known on both sides of the pond, even if it is less common in the UK.
•I write the Doctor\'s ship as \"Tardis\" because (like laser and scuba) it is an acronym that has become a word in its own right. Plus it\'s easer! There appears to be no standard consensus on this (http://tardis.wikia.com/wiki/TARDIS), so lets just share the Whovian love on this one.

Rule Number Five
Unless otherwise stated, all Ninth Doctor era stories fit within my personal Apocrypha Novem Whoniverse and will likely reference each other (without spoilers).

Rule Number Six
I can break any rule I want at any time I want. \"Good men[/women] don\'t need rules!\"


I hope you enjoy my stories. I enjoy writing them for you. I love reviews and will always try to respond back and read some of your stories as well.

And remember: \"We\'re all stories in the end. Just...make it a good one.\"
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