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Penname:Settiai (Lynn)
Member Since:2006.11.11
Website:http://www.settiai.com/ ; http://settiai.livejournal.com/ ; http://settiai.dreamwidth.org/ ; http://ao3.org/users/settiai/
I'm a 28-year-old Tennessean who's currently living on the Maryland side of the DC metro area. I began dabbling in online fandom in 1999, posting my first fic in 2000 and vid in 2002. Since then, I've written fanfiction in over four dozen fandoms and consider myself active in over twice that number. Yes, I do realize that I need a life.

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When it comes to the Doctor Who fandom, I love almost all aspects of the show: Classic Who, New Who, K-9 and Company, Sarah Jane Adventures, Torchwood, audios (Big Finish and otherwise, including spin-offs), comics, novels (including the EDAs, PDAs, MAs, NAs, Short Trips, and Target novelizations, as well as the new tie-ins), and even the Cushing films.

I'm a voracious fanfiction reader, and I have several thousand recs (including hundreds from the Whoniverse) over on pinboard. Feel free to check them out if you're interested. They are all clearly marked with fandom(s), genre(s), rating, character(s), pairing(s), and word count.

As I mentioned above, I'm also a vidder. My vids can be found here, and there are a handful of Whoniverse vids mixed in there.
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