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Long time Doctor Who fan finally deciding to post my musings regarding how the Doctor would get past the 12 regeneration limit long held as canon. I came up with the basic idea years ago, and decided to write it out when I began to fear the current creative team were planning on co-opting the event. To tell the truth, I\'m not happy with the current direction of the show, and the (in my opinion) poor execution of the grand event by the creative team (yes you, Steven Moffat), led me to finally craft it into a cohesive tale.

I\'m hoping that people will enjoy what I came up with. I tried my best to honor the old while respecting the new, all the while crafting my own universe to play in. If people like it, I may write more, so please, let me know.

For anyone interested, the actor I envisioned in the role of the
new Doctor is Andrew Lee Potts

Feedback and constructive criticism always welcome.

Thanks for reading!

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