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I am a goth, really, and though my sister criticises me for this, I find that I don\'t care. Not one bit. I LOVE opera music (Especially opera with gothic rock, but anything even remotely gothic... I even love industrial! Ahem... so yeah...) And, anyway, I come off as quiet, moody, irritable at times, and a few people have even called me shy, brooding, and, dare I say it, grumpy. But still others call me loud and rambuctious, so I\'m not sure what to believe. I\'m a very emotional and melancholy person, and see myself as a bit of a loner, for now, though I love to talk and could ramble on for hours.
I love (In order) David Tennant, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Ewan McGregor. I collect old-fashioned dolls, skeleton keys, and... well, lots of things dating from the 1920s backward (Backward to the Medieval ages, mind you). I am an aspiring singer/actress/musician, and I play piano, and have a few different octaves. I don\'t dance much, but I do some dancing. Tribal, Gothic, Lyrical, and Ballet. I also practice martial arts and sais (Pronounced \'sighs\'). I am working on recording my first EP. I don\'t have a band, though. Yet. *grins* I am as independant as independant arists get. My music is just me, my keyboard, and my computer software. I am taking music and piano lessons, and I would like to take this opportunity to say hello.

What? I said it already. :-)

OK, fine. You win.


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