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While I've been a fan of many other shows and video games, nothing has inspired me like Doctor Who. I've never written any fiction before, but I find that I love writing for the DW characters. It's my way of visiting with them and exploring the universe. I hope that you'll find my stories to be entertaining (or at least not a waste of time). :)

My default Doctor to write for is the Tenth Doctor, but I've dabbled with all of them except the Seventh (only because the stories he excels in require far more creativity and deviousness than I have; all in good time, though). My favored type of story seems to be missing scenes and explorations of characters before or after they've met the Doctor, but I also write adventures.

I prefer writing in canon, though I'm having some fun with doing crossovers. My canon stories ignore the Cartmel masterplan - no Lungbarrow, no looming. Oh, and I love multiple Doctors meeting each other.

I have also written one story in the Harry Potter fandom ("Liquid Luck") and one DW story involving David Tennant ("The Actor", which can't be posted here because that qualifies it as an RPF), both of which you can find under Shivver at

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