WolfQueen (Gwen)

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Hello all,
I\'m just an 18 year old girl who likes wolves and Doctor Who. I also like Torchwood, gothic rock, Ghost Hunters, Van Helsing, and Lord of the Rings.
My favourite music is Leaves Eyes, Theatre Of Tragedy, and Evancescence. My favourite song is \'into Your Light\' which I feel fits Rose/Nine and then Rose/Ten very well. I also love the song \'Lithium\' by Evanesnce, and the song \'A Hamlet For A Slothful Vassal\' by Theatre Of Tragedy. I live in Wales, and have two pets: a wolf named Arthur, and a fish (a Beta). I have a fondness for slushpuppies and chocolate. I am an aspiring musician, but I also study drama. I love Reinette/Doctor, Rose/Doctor, and Compassion/Doctor, but I will read anything. My favourite writers are far too many to name, the same goes for music. I hope you like angst, drama and dark romance because that is mostly what I write, however I try at humour and action when I can. My favourite Doctor is Eight, but Ten is my second favourite, and I love Ten\'s smile to bits. Thinking about it, I don\'t actually have a favourite Doctor. They sort of tie. Anyhow, Nine is also a favourite, as is Six. I\'ll close there. That\'s all of my bio. I hate to ramble on and on.
If you must have me delve further into my personal life, I am Christian and Vegan, which means I don\'t eat dairy, though mostly for health reasons. I love fantasy, and most might call me a goth, but I\'m really not. I just like things from a long time ago is all. I was born in the US, but moved to Scotland with my family, where I lived until a year ago, when I moved to Wales. I am reading the Eighth Doctor novel \'Parallel 59\', and currently, as I write this, am listening to \'Storm\' by Theatre Of Tragedy, which I think fits Rose/Ten for the episode \'Fear Her\' surprisingly well (Not to mention the lead male singer sounds like a Dalek to me...) Ah, well. That\'s me!

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