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Started reading fanfiction for fun. Started writing for love of characters.

Some consistencies you\'ll notice with most of my works:

Favourite Classic Companions- Barbara Wright, Ian Chesteron

Favourite New Who companion- Rory Williams (All the Ponds)

OTP: River Song/The Doctor

Extremely against Rose Tyler/Doctor ship, but like Rose as a character, especially 9th- era.

I do take prompts for any of my series (with patience), so please just contact me if you have any stories you\'d like me to try to write for you.

*I don\'t write anything I wouldn\'t be comfortable with a teenager reading, so please don\'t request it or expect it.*

Always looking to improve as a writer so if something doesn\'t work- I would love to know (especially WHY it didn\'t work)

I love the Doctor \"doing domestic,\" so a lot of my works will by sentimental and fluffy in their concepts.

I like stories that explore different ways to interpret events in the show. And well-written crack!

I do one-shots more often than multi-chapter stories.

I have yet to meet a Doctor I didn\'t like (even if one or two took multiple meetings).

NB: As a rule, I won\'t tag relationships that aren\'t in the fic, but I may tag relationships that are (though not when it might give away spoilers). EG: I won\'t put \"Not Amy/Rory\" in the summary, but I MAY put \"Amy/Rory\" if their relationship is relevant. I will, however, usually try to explain the rating in my summaries.

Other random ships I generally like:


Ten/Sarah Jane Smith

Jack/Rose- ie: \"Boe Wolf\"

Jack/Sarah Jane Smith

Four/Sarah Jane Smith- actually The Doctor/Sarah Jane Smith


Jackie & Ten (Mother/Son dynamic)

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