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I\'m Mon. I\'m an introvert who has always passionately enjoyed everything related to reading and writing. I have been writing fanfiction for a large portion of my life, and some of it has been posted under a different pen name.

I have taken breaks from writing - we all do - and this time around, it was Doctor Who that pulled me back into the loop. I\'m a shipper, what can I say; I\'m one of those girls that will obsess over the tiniest little look between her OTP (that\'s one true pairing for those that didn\'t know. It took me a while to figure out.) and spend hours on end imagining them act out all the ridiculously romantic scenarios that float around in my head.

So, yeah, my OTP. That, my friends, would be the Doctor and Rose. Doesn\'t matter which Doctor, I ship them all. I respect people that are against this or ship something else, but this is my pairing and the sole reason for the return of my imagination.

If you read this because you\'ve enjoyed my writing, thank you! English is not my native language, but I try my hardest not to let that affect my fanfics. Another thank you goes out to all the wonderful authors out there. You make my shippy heart melt with joy.

If you like Doctor Who (especially Doctor/Rose!), The Hunger Games, Star Wars and all sorts of other things, then feel free to check out my tumblr: followthebadwolf

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