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I am an actress, stage manager, and (as you may have guessed) a writer.

Previous fics posted on other websites and in print fanzines include JAG, SOF, The West Wing, The Secret Adventures of Jules Verne, Farscape, Walker Texas Ranger/Sons of Thunder, and Witchblade, to name a few.

I've noticed a lot of DW fics with author comments along the lines of 'I'm not British, please excuse me if I messed up the slang. ' I'm not British either, but I found a very nifty and inexpensive book that I've been using for reference: Lonely Planet "British Language & Culture," found in the travel section of the book store, pocket sized, and retails for less than $10 in the US. It's got sections on language, slang, sports, music, and local dialects. I also like "Sorry, I'm British," by Ben Crystal and Adam Russ. It's an amusing collection of culture, pop culture, slang, and trivia, and yes, there is an entry for Dr. Who!

If you\'re curious, I think my best stories are the three historical fics: "Rose Without a Thorn" (Rose & Nine meet Catherine Howard); "Restoration" (Rose & Ten meet Nell Gwyn/GitF resolution); and "A Candle in the Darkness" (Clara & Eleven have an adventure with E.T.A. Hoffman). (Archived here) My most popular fic at the moment appears to be "Getting Better," a collection of 30 short pieces which take place after The Name of the Doctor. (Archived at Fanfiction.net)

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