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Penname:FarDareisMai (Lynn Holt)
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I can\'t say much about myself, because I consider myself extraordinary only in how dull I am.

I like writing stories with unsettled endings and relationships that take forever to build.

I like canon- it\'s always a fun jumping-off point, but if I didn\'t like what happened in the original, I feel no obligation to keep it in my story.

I like calico cats and Irish Wolfhounds, but I only have the cats \'cause the dog would be very unhappy in my apartment.

I\'m sort of a grown up, but mostly I\'m just faking.

I love Doctor Who, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Merlin, The Wheel of Time, and A Song of Ice and Fire, but I\'ve only ever written stories for Doctor Who and Sherlock, and that will probably remain the case.

I\'m a vegetarian, but my husband isn\'t.

I\'m very picky about stories and don\'t believe in leaving one hanging- I will never START posting a story until I have FINISHED writing it.

And here I\'ll give a shout-out to my wonderful husband who is also my editor. Fool that he is, he not only said \'yes\' when I asked him to marry me, but said \'yes\' again when I handed him a flash drive and said, \'hey, read that and tell me what you think.\' If ever he gets a wild hair to write and publish something, I will forever be his number 1 fan.

I also have a presence on FF dot Net. My name there is TheWheelWeaves (and 10 cool points if you recognize where my usernames come from!)
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